Monday, February 27, 2017

Let's Talk Racism

⚜The Duke of The North⚜


How is the world not covering the extremist, racist/anti-Semitic events happening at Columbia University this week?

How is Columbia not being thrashed across the media and with my fellow liberals for their allowing an outright anti-Semitic get together like this BDS get down.

Israel Apartheid week is one of the largest, most hateful, racist events you could hold. It is nothing more than a Nazi rally intended to distribute lies and innuendo about the modern movement of Jewish self-determination and freedom in the indigenous land of the Jewish Nation.

It's a lot like letting the KKK hold a cross burning in NYC.

Again don't talk about racism unless you truly want to deal with it.

Then you have the classics who defend this garbage.

These nice folk say that the Jews of European decent who returned to their indigenous home in Israel, those who were stollen away from Jerusalem and Israel and dispersed throughout Western Europe by Rome (The European Union of Antiquity) as Slaves aren't really Jews.

Wow, now if I remember correctly, the last people or nation who were qualifying and not qualifying another nation by their genetics were the Nazis.

Funny also how these folk are so fervently pro-immigration, yet have such a serious problem with Jews returning/immigrating back to their ancestral homeland. Everyone should be able to immigrate, just not Jews.

So in World War Two we Jews were killed for being real Jews, but now, since it does not fit the colonialist, supremacist Muslim Arab/Uber-Left narrative, we Jews are being attacked, intimidated and killed because we are really fake Jews.

Could you imagine me telling a Black American that he or she really isn't black?

What is most sickening is the attempt by the Qatari backed, Muslim Brotherhood Nazis to behave as if they have something in common with Africa and or Black Americans.

So it's not enough that Arabs have appropriated the Jewish Nations laws and culture with Islam.

They conquer, steal and occupy Israel.

Intentionally desecrate the Jewish Nations most revered site, the Temple Mount.

Now they are appropriating the hard work of Jewish and Black America our fellowship/family!

It was JEWS, not Arabs Muslims who stood shoulder to shoulder with Black Americans during the civil rights movement.

It was JEWS who gave their lives, not the Arab Muslim Sheiks.

NO! Liars, take your Taqqiya somewhere else, you don't get to steal this one too.

NO! The only thing Arab Muslims have in common with Black America, is that their forefathers and their living relatives ran and are running the African side of the slave trade with White Europeans.

Enough, you want to talk racism, let us talk a little racism. Anti-Semitism is the most prevelant form of racism being practiced in America and Western Europe. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism and the State Department makes that very clear.

So, it is time for leaders from the left, right and center to call for this horrid, reprehensible week of Racism to be called off.

Enough with the games.

Do not pretend to be progressive or think you are fighting against tyranny if you are fighting against the Jewish Nations freedom and self-determination in its indigenous home, Israel.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Say No To The Appropriation of The Holocaust

⚜The Duke of The North⚜

Let us get something straight, it is time for the left and those it has allied itself with, specifically Jihadist Islam, to stop appropriating my peoples history.

It is appalling that Social Justice Warriors and fake leftists are attempting to use the atrocities faced by the Jewish People during the Holocaust to defend the very people who worked hand in hand with Nazi Europe to kill Jews.

That's right, Let's settle this once and for all.

Arab Muslims, especially those that call themselves the Palestinians, were the worst accomplices to Nazi crimes.

Haj Amin al-Husseini, The Godfather of the Palestinian people, was not just a Nazi agent, he was a great friend of Hitler.

This man worked hard for the SS.

He raised battalions for them, promoted the Nazi cause throughout the Arab Muslim world. He also came up with his own final solution to exterminate the Jews of Israel.

Should it surprise anyone that anti-semitism so permeates the core of Palestinian culture. Palestinian culture is based on the principles of the National Socialist Party.

In Iraq, Arab Muslims carried out their own fascist, Nazi inspired atrocities called the Farhud.

The Farhud was the worst, but not the only Nazi inspired program carried out by fascist Arab Muslims.

These crimes were carried out against Jews who had been living in these countries long before the Arabs arrived.

It was Arab Muslims who worked with their colonialist brethren, Britain to enact the White Paper Laws.

These laws prevented Jews from returning to their ancestral home, to their indigenous land, Israel.

I now find it funny and galling that those who worked with the Nazis to kill Jews and to prevent them from returning to their indigenous land, now believe they have the right to even talk about immigration.

Along with their blatent racism,  the Arab Muslims world has been one of the worst perpetrators and abusers of fighting against immigration.

Why haven't Qatar, Saudi Arabia, The U.A.E and Egypt taken in Syrian refugees?

In fact Israel has secretly taken in more Syrian refugees than all of these Arab Muslim countries combined.

The Arab Muslim world has the blood of millions of Jews on their hands, from the Holocaust to the murders of Jewish Israelis.

It was Arab Muslims who rejected international law and rejected the two state solution in 1948, 2000 and 2008. Don't you dare appropriate my peoples history for those who deny the history and undeniable scientific connection of my nation to the land of Israel.

There has been no apology, no acceptance of guilt for the crimes carried out in the name of Islam against the Jewish people and there will never be one..

So, no, you do not have the right to use my peoples sufferings for the betterment of those who worked to kill my people.